Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers from Fairchild Air Force Base 

 We are grateful for the many volunteers who support our ongoing efforts to provide our core members with loving homes, quality care, and opportunities for engagement in the community.

Our homes and office are currently looking for volunteers to fill the roles listed below. Please contact us for a volunteer application.


Calling all green thumbs to action! Help us maintain established yard and garden plots at our two homes to make sure we have beautiful yards. Supplies provided. Time commitment: Weekly or monthly; week day and times are flexible.

Personal Trainer

We’re always looking for ways to stay healthy, from choosing the right foods to finding fun ways to exercise. Use your skills to help us get some ideas for how to tone up in a fun, friendly atmosphere (our homes!). Time commitment: Flexible; four-month commitment and weekly sessions preferred.

Yard Work

Enjoy the sunshine while pulling weeds and mowing at one or both of our two homes. Time commitment: Two hours on a weekly, semi-weekly, or monthly basis. Mower and tools provided.

Light Housekeeping

With an average of nine people living together, keeping a L’Arche home clean takes a lot of work! Lend a hand to tidy up our living spaces, clean the kitchen, and give bathrooms a quick once-over. Cleaning supplies provided. Time commitment: One hour or more per month; time is flexible

Handyman Work 

We own older houses in the Logan neighborhood which means we often need extra hands to fix and repair wear and tear around the homes. Time commitment: We would appreciate help in this department whenever possible, ideally someone would help one hour or more per month; time is flexible. 

Massage Therapy

L’Arche assistants carry a great deal of responsibility – sometimes literally! Ease tension and relieve sore muscles by sharing your massage expertise, or gain training hours for your certification. Time commitment: flexible, daytime hours preferred

Core Member Connection

One wonderful connection is to be paired with a particular core member. This usually entails monthly or twice a month visits, involving activities you both enjoy. Some ideas are thrift store shopping, bowling, swimming, playing card games, watching movies, or going on walks. Whatever you like to do, chances are good that someone at L’Arche Spokane shares the same interest. This volunteer role requires a one-year commitment, in order to give the new friendship time to grow.

Meal Making

Another popular option is to provide a home-cooked dinner for one of our two houses--and stay and eat with us! We deeply appreciate our monthly cooks and the joy of having them at the table.

Have Extra Space?

You may have space in your home to offer a room to our Assistants, who occasionally need a place outside our community to rest and be renewed.


Small and medium-sized groups find giving – and receiving – meaningful in L’Arche. Contact us for specific ideas.

Have other skills you think a community like ours could benefit from? Let us know!! Good with tools, organizing, money, or anything else? Let us know your specific skill and we would love to find a place for you in our community in any capacity.