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Live-Out Assistants 

Live-out assistants have similar duties and fulfill their role in the same spirit as live-out assistants. The difference is that live-out assistants do not live in a L’Arche home and working on as needed part time or full time basis.

Employees are not expected to participate in community prayer, spiritual retreats, or celebrations, unless they are on duty to help core members participate. Live-out assistants receive an hourly wage and are eligible if employed full time. 

To apply: 

  • Read the job description and qualifications below

  • Complete the application and return to

Job Description

General:  The philosophy of L’Arche is to create family. The Live-Out Caregiver is being welcomed into the home of our Core Members.  The Caregiver’s role is to support the life of the home.  The Caregiver’s immediate supervisor is the House Responsible (or Community Coordinator), and is accountable to the Community Coordinator and the Director.  Hours are scheduled according to the needs of our houses and residents.  The Live-Out Caregiver must comply with Washington Administrative Codes (WACs) that govern our licensure.


  • Be eighteen (18) years of age or older;

  • Understand and speak English well enough to (1) respond appropriately to emergency situations; and (2) read, understand and implement resident negotiated care plans.

  • Meet Long-Term Care Worker training requirements, with a minimum of a current, valid Home-Care Aid Certification, and First-Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) card or certificate

  • Have no criminal convictions listed in RCW 43.43.830 or 43.43.842 or state or federal findings of abandonment, abuse, neglect or financial exploitation;

  • Completed, negative, 2-step Tuberculosis screening.


To assist the members of the community in keeping the physical environment of the house safe, clean and maintained.

  • To assist Core Members as defined in their Assessments and Care Plans

  • To provide transportation for members of the community to specified events

  • To do specific errands under the direction of the House Responsible or Community Coordinator. This may include shopping for food, supplies, and/or individuals personal needs

  • To provide receipts obtained for all purchases

  • Part-time employees are not required to participate in weekly assistants’ meetings. Full Time Employees are invited to participate in weekly assistants’ meeting

  • Reporting on time to workplace

  • Accountable for task performance, and responsible for task completion

  • Honor the capabilities of individuals

  • Be respectful of and treat all members of the community with dignity

  • Promote positive morale in the house

  • Work within the Rules of Cooperation, in a spirit of team and collaboration with one another

  • Work within community’s structures of communication

  • Modeling of appropriate behavior: language, dress, conversation, direct communication with Core Members