Core member, Hal and assistant, Bethany enjoying a sunny day.


Updated August 2019: 

We are currently hiring for our Live-In Assistant position, there is space in our homes. 

 Live-In Assistants

Live-In Assistants are people who choose to live in a L’Arche home with adults who have intellectual disabilities, the “core members” of the community, sharing life, laughter, and friendship. They offer hands-on assistance with daily living skills, finances, and health care; they also are open to being cared for by the core people.

Live-In assistants participate in community prayer, spiritual retreats, and celebrations. They receive room, board, health insurance, and generous stipend. Along with access to local fitness center, yearly retreats and the opportunity to explore future life vocations. 

To apply:  

  • Please read the job description and qualifications below.

  • Complete the application and return it to, or by email or fax.

Job Description

Live-In Caregiving Assistant Purpose: Assistants accompany core members (clients) in their activities of daily life: creating home and supporting core members in sharing their gifts within the house and the larger community.

Responsibilities relating to:

Community Development

  • Uphold and share the vision and hope of the community and try to live out the simple life style of the community

  • Help extend warm welcome to visitors, including community members, families, neighbors, and merchants

  • Encourage households members to develop and nurture friendships within and especially outside the community

  • Attend team and community meetings, community night, and community activities. Attend Regional Gatherings for assistants and Regional/Zone Gatherings for communities

  • Help plan celebrations for birthdays, anniversaries, and days of special importance to household members

  • Accept community accompaniment from a more experienced community members

 Core Members (Clients)

  • Develop caring and loving interpersonal relationships. The most important aspect of the "living with" spirit of L'Arche is that of fostering relationships. This area calls forth both the assistant and the core member in their personal growth, as well as the growth of the community. It is a process of discovering one's own gift and helping the other to find theirs.

  • Carry out core member training programs where applicable and teach skill needed to be learned (personal hygiene, personal appearance, laundry, room management, household cleaning, cooking, budgeting, job skills, shopping skills, appropriate behavior)

  • Help core members to look at alternatives, anticipate consequences, make decisions, and accept responsibility for their actions

  • Listen to and respect the desires of the core members.

Home Management/Administration

  • Assume responsibility for the health, safety, and care of core members

  • Do assigned housekeeping chores and take initiative to keep house (inside and out) clean and in repair. Assist core members with their chores if needed. Aid in motivating core members to complete needed tasks

  • Plan and prepare balanced meals. Assist core members to help cook and prepare meals. Prepare meals using daily dietary requirements.

  • Maintains and operates house vehicles in a safe manner, with a valid driver’s license.

  • Maintains accurate financial records of core member and house money

  • Conscious of budgeting and keeping within house and community budgets

  • Take initiative, be resourceful and creative, think out problems, be willing to use own judgment when deemed necessary

Spiritual Life

  • Supports the community and carries in prayer the homes, each member of the Community, their families, friends, and concerns, as well as L'Arche around the world.

  • Maintains and respects the home as a Christian home in terms of values and prayer. Encourages prayer in the home and in the community with assistants and core members.

  • Respect days of worship. Attend with core members their choice and place of worship.

  • Share faith life with the community. Be responsible for making known and meeting personal worship needs.


  • College education preferred

  • Interest in living in a faith community founded on the Beatitudes

  • Desire to work with individuals with disabilities(Experience with people with disabilities is not a requirement)

  • Creativity, flexibility, attention to detail, and ability to organize time

  • Verbal and written communication skills

  • Ability to work as part of a team