Updated October 2018:

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Community Coordinator Position

Accountable to:  The Community Leader / Executive Director

General:  Guided by the mission and charter of L’Arche, the Community Coordinator is responsible for supporting the overall quality of life of the core members and assistants in the community and overseeing management of the homes.  He/she provides direct support for the homes, as well as overseeing orientation, training, and formation for assistants,  other employees, and volunteers. This role coordinates community life in collaboration with House Leaders and the Leadership Team.

 Skills and Qualities Needed:

·         Applicants will be required to pass a criminal background check, including fingerprinting.

·         Strong personal skills: healthy communication, self-awareness, stress management, mature approach to conflict resolution, and objectivity.

·         Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, in situations requiring coordination, instruction, persuasion, consultation, and motivation.

·         Ability to establish and maintain professional relationships with core members, team members, outside professional staff, guardians, other agencies and the public.

·         Ability to develop and implement training and formation for community members.

·         Attention to detail; ability to track and coordinate multiple variables.

·         Strong organizational and time-management skills.

·         Ability to perform role responsibilities with a high degree of initiative and independent judgment.

·         Commitment to personal and spiritual growth. 

·         Sense of humor about life and flexibility.

·         Current CPR card, and a valid driver’s license.

Skills and Qualities Preferred:

·         Some type of “community-living” experience. Ideally, has lived in a L’Arche community for two or more years.

·         Knowledge of and commitment to the mission and philosophy of L’Arche.

·         Experience with people with developmental disabilities.

·         Health Care credentialing at the level of Health Care Aide or greater.

·         Evidence of 1,000+ hours of caregiving experience.

·         Education completed: Bachelor’s Degree

 Application Packet