Community Coordinator Position Description

General: As a member of the leadership team, the Community Coordinator is guided by the mission and charter of L’Arche, and is responsible for supporting the overall quality of life of the core members and assistants in the community, and overseeing management of the homes. He/she provides direct support for the homes, as well as overseeing orientation, training, and formation for assistants and employees. This role coordinates community life in collaboration with Assistants, and the rest of the leadership team.

Quality of Life for the Core Members:

  • Address and ensure plans and goals for spirituality, physical care, safety, personal growth/support, and community life are being carried out for each core member. Assist homes in providing consistency and continuity in the lives of the core members living in the community.
  • Plan and implement formation, orientation and on-going training of assistants regarding individual core members and core member related issues. Coordinate any necessary in-service sessions for assistants and House Leaders.
  • Attend core members’ annual assessments and support house teams in developing, updating and implementing Negotiated Care Plans.
  • Ensure core members' files are current and accurate. This includes: Negotiated Care Plans, medical documentation, medication records, face sheets, etc.
  •  Ensure that each core member has a voice in the decision-making and planning of his/her own life and in the life of the community.
  • Provide training and support to house teams in managing the homes: household responsibilities; record keeping; finances; communication with professionals; scheduling; maintenance and upkeep of house, equipment, and vehicles in compliance with the WAC. Ensure that the houses are following their fire and safety procedures (fire drills, evacuation plans, etc.).
  • Assist houses to adapt documents and tools used in the houses to meet various Core Member needs and communication styles.
  • Be aware of and oversee follow-up of any critical incidents and illnesses. Support and assist each home with finding appropriate resources when any core member is in crisis.
  • Serve as advocate and key contact for core members with professionals, rep payees, guardians, job coaches, community access providers, etc., especially in acute situations.

Quality of Life for Assistants:

  • Ensure welcome, formation, training and orientation of assistants to L'Arche, L’Arche spirituality, community structures and the use of open communication in accordance with our Communication Commitment.
  • Ensure that each house is aware of the traditions and spiritual life of their home and of the community. Ensure that these values are being lived in each house and program.
  • Support assistants’ personal and spiritual growth.
  • Attend to team members and take opportunities to listen to life of assistants (provide functional accompaniment.)
  • Provide formation and training in collaboration with Community Leader.
  • Coordinate work/vacation/holiday schedules across the community. Sign off on all final vacation/holiday requests.

Administrative Duties:

  • Leads recruitment of new assistants in cooperation with the Administrative Team.
  • Participate in the review process for potential new assistants, as requested by Community Leader.
  • Process initial paperwork of new assistants, employees and volunteers with Office Manager. Ensure that personnel files in the office and the home are developed and maintained in cooperation with the Office Manager.
  • Coordinate/schedule training required for new assistants/employees and renewal of any requirements for all assistants/employees in cooperation with the Office Manager.
  • Participate in state inspections and evaluations and coordinate any necessary follow-up.
  • Evaluate House Leaders and assistants/employees after probationary period and annually thereafter.
  • Ensure that household finances are managed appropriately in cooperation with the Office Manager. This includes: Core Members' finances and living within the house's budget.

Maintenance and Coordination of Community Life:

  • Assist with facilitation of House Leader and Assistant meetings, as needed.
  • Attend team meetings of designated houses as appropriate.
  • Attend and participate in Administrative Team Meetings.
  • Assist with coordination of community events and celebrations (prayer night, community night, fundraising events, etc.).
  • Be aware of and committed to the contents of the following: Current Mandate, L’Arche Identity & Mission Statement, Charter of L'Arche, Employee Handbook, Policy and Procedure Manuals, Key Elements of a L’Arche Community, and the AFH/Group Home regulations (Washington Administrative Code/WAC).
  • Link with the larger family of L’Arche (regional, national, international) in collaboration with the Community Leader.

Skills and Qualities Needed:

  • Strong personal skills: healthy communication, self-awareness, stress management, mature approach to conflict resolution, and objectivity.
  • Ability to listen to people – both verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Ability to develop and implement training and formation for community members.
  • Strong organizational and time-management skills.
  • Commitment to personal and spiritual growth.
  • Sense of humor about life and flexibility.

Skills and Qualities Preferred:

  • Experience with people with developmental disabilities.
  • Demonstrated maturity in some type of “community-living” experience. Ideally, has lived in a L’Arche community for two or more years.
  • Knowledge of and commitment to the mission and philosophy of L’Arche.
  • Training as required by DDD and Adult Family Home regulations/Washington Administrative Code (WAC)
  • Ideally, licensed as a NAR, NAC, or HCA with evidence of 1,000+ hours of caregiving experience, or other health care credential acceptable to the State of Washington.

Compensation: DOE Salaried position; full time.

Applicants will be expected to pass a criminal background check, including fingerprinting.

How to Apply:

 Applicants should submit the following materials at either the postal or email address below:

1.       Cover letter expressing interest in the position.

2.       Resume.

3.       Completed Application

L’Arche Spokane

703 E. Nora

Spokane, WA 99207